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Consultation Request Form: ADHD and ADD Diagnosis in London.

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Diagnostic consultations are online via videolink.

Initial appointments are currently on weekday mornings, however, we aim to be flexible with our followup times. Initial consultation includes full clinical history, diagnosis, formulation, full report and a prescription if appropriate.

Our diagnostic reports are very comprehensive and reference comorbid conditions. We also support you to get ongoing NHS prescribing from your GP and so far have a near 100% success rate with this !!

Before our appointment, you’ll be sent forms to complete and send back. Please forward any other relevant information including diagnostic reports

We are now offering two types of initial online assessment appointment, to suit differing requirements and budgets. Our one-hour basic diagnostic consultation will be just as accurate in terms of ADHD or ADD diagnosis, and will aim to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible within the one-hour timeframe, but will obviously be less detailed in terms of comorbidities, formulation, psychodynamic and cognitive suggestions, and detailed discussion of treatment plan and options. This option is suitable for those with fairly straightforward ADHD related issues and no major blocks in areas such as work and relationships, and is an excellent budget choice.

The standard two hour online assessments are obviously able to cover a lot more detail and have time for in-depth discussion and formulation. These are a very cost-effective choice for anyone who feels that they have complex issues, or struggle intensely with rejection sensitive dysphoria or other emotional difficulties

But please do be assured that whichever consultation you choose, you will receive a very high quality, caring and affordable assessment

Complete the booking form and let us know what suits you best!


£900 for an adult ASD assessment. Allow up to four hours.

£500 for a comprehensive online ADD/ADHD diagnostic consultation via videolink (adults over 18). Allow up to two hours.

£350 for an online diagnostic consultation (adults only). This is a one-hour basic consultation.

£180 for an online follow-up consultation. This should last around 45 minutes.

£350 for an online medication-only consultation (adults only), if you have a previous diagnosis and want to consult re medication only. This should also last around 45 minutes. Please email us with a copy of your diagnostic report and any other relevant information. If Dr Read feels that your case is very complex, we will ask you to book a two hour session and complete our forms

ADHD Consultancy Ltd Website Statement

We need to make sure that there is suitable local medical support for you, wherever you are. We therefore place some emphasis on being able to contact a local medical service, often a GP, if we feel we really need to. This doesn’t mean that we will insist on talking to your GP about you, just that we need to know that you have a local medical service to which we can refer if necessary

ADHD Consultancy Ltd believes that easy access to mental health support is beneficial to people experiencing mental health problems or distress. As such we will not impose unnecessary barriers to accessing our service which may deter some people from accessing our support. However, in some circumstances it is important to ensure that people seeking a service are providing accurate details about their identity. Such circumstances include:

1. If medication is being prescribed

2. If referral on to other agencies is considered.

Photo ID will be required to confirm identity which will be undertaken at the first video consultation.

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  • Your GP details will be used in the report, however of course nothing will be sent to your GP - we send the report only to you
  • Please can you tell us what you would like to achieve from the consultation; previous diagnoses and treatments; also anything you would like Dr Read to know about when she sees you. Thank you.
  • Please tell us what medications you are taking. If you have previously been given any medication for ADHD it would be very helpful to have names, details and if they helped. Thank you.
  • We are always looking to improve and so if you have any comments or suggestions please do tell us what you think. Many thanks
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