We are really sorry! We are now full till the end of February 2022. We will open dates for March 2022 in October.

We don’t accept bookings more than six months in the future, but you are welcome to email us to go on the waiting list when we open February’s appointments at the end of August (and going forward the same principle for 6 months ahead). Once you are booked in and have completed our preliminary forms, we will be happy to add you to our cancellation list if you wish for an earlier booking.

Consultation Request Form: ADHD and ADD Diagnosis in London.

Diagnostic consultations are online via videolink

Before your consultation, you’ll be sent preliminary forms to complete and send back. Please forward any other relevant information including diagnostic reports for consideration prior to the consultation.

Our initial online assessment appointment will aim to be as comprehensive and helpful as possible within the two hour timeframe. This gives enough time for detailed exploration and discussion of comorbidities,  client centred formulation, psychodynamic and cognitive suggestions, and detailed discussion of treatment plan and options. Dr Read has a career long interest in working with clients with emotional difficulties of all kinds, and understands the links between ADHD/ADD and rejection sensitive dysphoria, mood, anxiety, self esteem and sleep problems.

The initial consultation includes full clinical history, diagnosis, formulation, full report and private prescription if appropriate. We can also supply repeat private prescriptions to our own clients if required. Our diagnostic reports are very comprehensive and reference relevant comorbid conditions. We also support you to get ongoing NHS prescribing from your GP and so far have a near 100% success rate with this !!

Initial appointments are currently on weekday mornings, however we aim to be flexible with our followup times. We do have a cancellation list and once booked and forms returned, we can put you on it if you would prefer to be seen sooner; of course we can’t guarantee that this will happen.

Whichever consultation you choose today, you will receive a very high quality, caring and affordable assessment with ongoing post diagnosis support provided by email between appointments.

Please note that Dr Read is extremely busy, and generally is not able to phone clients outside their appointments, or answer most emails personally, however our friendly admin team will advise and answer questions, by phone or email

Complete the booking form and let us know what suits you best!



£900 for an adult ASD assessment. Allow up to four hours.

£500 for a comprehensive online ADD/ADHD diagnostic consultation via videolink (adults over 18). Allow up to two hours.

£1000 for a comprehensive online ADD/ADHD diagnostic consultation via videolink (children 15-18). Allow up to three hours.

£180 for a 45 minute online follow-up consultation (existing clients only)

ADHD Consultancy Ltd Website Statement

We need to make sure that there is suitable local medical support for you, wherever you are. We therefore place some emphasis on being able to contact a local medical service, often a GP, if we feel we really need to. This doesn’t mean that we will insist on talking to your GP about you, just that we need to know that you have a local medical service to which we can refer if necessary

ADHD Consultancy Ltd believes that easy access to mental health support is beneficial to people experiencing mental health problems or distress. As such we will not impose unnecessary barriers to accessing our service which may deter some people from accessing our support. However, in some circumstances it is important to ensure that people seeking a service are providing accurate details about their identity. Such circumstances include:

1. If medication is being prescribed

2. If referral on to other agencies is considered.

Photo ID will be required to confirm identity which will be undertaken at the first video consultation.

Feedback From Clients: Getting an ADHD Diagnosis in London

I really think the diagnosis and medication allowed me to do the painstaking rewrites and deal with the stress of finishing the thesis without having a breakdown.

And to be able to juggle so many different priorities and huge job security stress now! Thank you so much for picking up the ADHD when I was not a clear cut case.