Auditory Processing Disorder Screening Checklist

Auditory processing disorder (APD), also known as Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD), refers to a condition that impacts the brain’s ability to filter and interpret sounds.People with APD have normal hearing capacity, but the mechanisms in the brain that process audio input are impaired, meaning they have difficulties time receiving, organizing, and making sense of sound.This test was adapted from the symptoms of auditory processing disorder (APD) as described by the British Society of Audiology. There is a large comorbidity of APD with ADHD and hence it is helpful to screen for this in ADHD assessments


1. Do you fail to understand why people like live concerts, or singing karaoke?
2. Do you mis-hear words that rhyme or sound alike, leading to confusion and frustration?
3. In conversations, do you feel like you’re missing something?
4. Do you fail to notice your mobile phone ringing and miss important calls?
5. Though most people consider them logistically easier than face –to-face meetings, do conference calls at work really stress you out?
6. In school, did you struggle through language arts and other lecture-intensive classes?
7. Do everyday noises like the vacuum cleaner or blender bother you or “hurt” your ears?
8. Is spell-check is your best friend?
9. When you go out with friends at a noisy bar, do you have trouble following what’s going on?
10. At work, are you distracted and do you have trouble focusing, especially when working in an open floor plan or cubicle without a door?
11. Would you rather express yourself in an email or essay, and avoid phone calls and presentations?
12. Do you listen to the TV at high volume, but still have trouble understanding what’s going on, especially if anyone talks during the program?
13. If you’ve been tested for hearing problems, did the results show no abnormal hearing problems?

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