When your life is feeling a bit “off,” it’s not always easy to figure out what, exactly, is going wrong. But there are plenty of explanations worth looking into. Are you’re always running late, missing deadlines at work, or flaking out on friends? If so, it could be that you have high-functioning ADHD.

While attention deficit hyperactivity disorder can have a huge impact on a person’s life, high-functioning ADHD can be just annoying enough to affect you — but without all the full blown symptoms. High-functioning ADHD means someone has ADHD but is still functioning at a high level. They don’t appear to be struggling to the outside observer … but the reality may be quite different.” To get through an average day, you might compensate by studying extra hard, or putting in twice as much effort at work. You may also struggle with hyperactivity, where you feel you can’t stop moving and always need to be doing something.

If you have a certain image in your head of what “ADHD” looks like, it might not have crossed your mind that this could be what’s going on. So take a moment and read about the symptoms below. If any sound familiar, take a look at our online test and other resources, and consider booking a consultation for a full assessment and discussion of treatment options. ADHS is a very treatable condition, whatever age it is diagnosed at.

1. You struggle with time management

While it seems everyone else is able to meet deadlines and show up to things on time, you really struggle with staying on schedule.”Try as you might … you miss deadlines or come so close to missing deadlines that you have to do things at the last minute. As a result, your life has turned into a 24/7 scramble to get things done.

2. You Procrastinate

If you have something due for work or school, do you start the project now or wait ’til the night before? If you wait, it could mean you have ADHD. f it’s not due right now it’s not due. You are really good in a time crunch, but you have a hard time planning ahead or working ahead in a consistent way. (Sound familiar?)

3. You Aren’t Able To Read For Extended Periods Of Time

While you’d love to sit down, relax, and read for a few hours, you just can’t seem to make it happen. This might be because you have trouble paying attention, or you find yourself rereading pages over and over again after getting distracted. It can feel incredibly frustrating.

4. Sitting Still Feels Incredibly Difficult

People with ADHD often have trouble sitting still, so take note if you fidget in your seat at work, or tap your foot while watching a movie. It’s a way to burn off excess physical energy. And it can be very annoying for you, as well as everyone around you.

5. You do best in Jobs where you can move around

If there’s one thing you despise, it’s sitting for long periods of time. You may  have chosen a physically active job just to avoid it. Or you might have to make daily gym trips. While there’s nothing wrong with exercising every day, take note if you only go in order to burn off tons of excess energy.

6. People are constantly reminding you not to interrupt

ADHD can make it difficult to listen, so take note if you’re constantly interrupting your friends. This is due to impulsivity that people with ADHD struggle with. If you can’t seem to wait your turn to speak, it may be an issue worth looking into.

7. Your friends often call you flaky

If you’ve officially become the “flaky” friend, it could also be a sign. Individuals with high-functioning ADHD may appear flaky or scattered periodically or always. If you are always running late, leaving things unfinished, or constantly multitasking, this could be why.

8. Your self-esteem is pretty low

As Barton tells me, all these symptoms — especially if you don’t know what’s going on — can lead to some pretty low self-esteem. Which makes sense, doesn’t it? If you’re constantly being accused of interrupting, or are always running late, it can start to feel embarrassing and frustrating.

9. You hate it when things don’t go as planned

While most people roll with the punches when things go awry, those with ADHD often feel completely thrown. Many adults have, over time, created compensatory systems that allow them to manage their days. That’s why any sort of interference can lead to confusion, and some pretty intense frustration.

10. You really struggle with disorganization

While nobody enjoys disorganization, take note if you’re easily upset by a messy desk or an unexpected work meeting. Organization is another very important tool for high functioning people with ADHD, as it allows them to make more seamless transitions. In other words, if things aren’t “just right,” it might feel like your whole day is ruined.

11. You get personally offended by setbacks

After taking great pains to keep your distractible brain on track, it’s easy to see why any sort of setback would be difficult to deal with. That’s why a glitch in your day can feel like a personal attack, as well as one that feels difficult to recover from.

12. You experience anxiety, depression, mood swings and/or rejection sensitivity.

Because you’re constantly rushing to keep up, and live in fear of missing something vital or making a mistake you can get exhausted, depressed and feel like you’re running on empty. The smallest sign of criticism can hit you really hard. If you have underlying ADHD your response to antidepressants or therapy for these associated conditions may feel partial, disappointing and temporary.

If you suspect you might have high-functioning ADHD, drop us an email, take the online test or book a consultation.