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Consultation Request Form: ADHD Diagnosis in London.

Diagnostic consultations are either online via FaceTime/ WhatsApp/ Skype, or at our clinic in South East London. Please allow up to three hours for an initial appointment.

Initial appointments are currently on weekday afternoons, however we aim to be flexible, and may be able to offer online initial consultations at other times on request. Initial consultation includes full clinical history, diagnosis, prescription if appropriate.

Our diagnostic reports are very comprehensive and reference comorbid conditions. We also support you to get ongoing NHS prescribing from your GP and so far have a 100% success rate with this !!

Before our appointment, you’ll be sent forms to complete and send back. Please bring any other relevant information to your appointment, including diagnostic reports.

Complete the booking form and let us know what suits you best!


£500 for a face to face diagnostic consultation (adults and children over 11). Allow up to three hours

£300 for an online diagnostic consultation (adults only). Allow up to three hours

£150 for an online follow-up consultation, around 60 minutes

If you have a previous diagnosis and want to consult re medication only, please email us with a copy of your diagnostic report and any other relevant information and we will contact you about what kind of appointment would be suitable.

  • Please enter your address for our records
  • Please enter your date of birth. Thank you.
  • Your GP's details will be used in the report, however of course nothing will be sent to your GP without your agreement and prior checking. Thank you.
  • Please can you tell us what you would like to achieve from the consultation; previous diagnoses and treatments; also anything you would like Dr Read to know about when she sees you. Thank you.
  • Please tell us what medications you are taking. If you have previously been given any medication for ADHD it would be very helpful to have names, details and if they helped. Thank you.
  • We are always looking to improve and so if you have any comments or suggestions please do tell us what you think. Many thanks

Feedback From Clients: Getting an ADHD Diagnosis in London

“I really think the diagnosis and medication allowed me to do the painstaking rewrites and deal with the stress of finishing the thesis without having a breakdown.

And to be able to juggle so many different priorities and huge job security stress now! Thank you so much for picking up the ADHD when I was not a clear cut case.”