Looking for an ADHD Diagnosis in London? Our privacy policy…

This policy was last updated on the 10th August 2018. Please consider this when looking for an ADHD Diagnosis in London.

Our principles regarding privacy and data protection- ADHD Diagnosis in London

  • User privacy and data protection are human rights.
  • We have a duty of care to protect anyone providing us with their data.
  • Data’s a liability. Therefore, it should only be collected and processed when absolutely necessary.
  • We’ll never spam.
  • In addition, we’ll never sell your personal information! This includes renting or otherwise distributing that information, and making it public.

Relevant Legislation- ADHD Diagnosis in London

The website is designed to comply with the following relevant legislation:

This legislation is stringent. So, we should also be compliant with the relevant legislation in other countries and territories. Feel free to contact our data protection officer if you have any more queries. Their details can be found below!

This website collects and uses personal information for the following reasons:

1. Site visitation tracking- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Google Analytics tracks user interaction for us. It determines the number of users. We want to understand how users find and use our site.

Google Analytics tracks your location, device, internet browser and operating system. That said, it doesn’t personally identify you to us. Quick mention: Google Analytics also records your computer’s IP address. This could identify you personally; however, Google don’t grant us access to this. To us, Google are a third party data processor.

Furthermore, Google Analytics uses cookies; find details on Google’s developer guides. Keep in mind: our website uses the analytics.js implementation of Google Analytics.

If you don’t want your visit tracked, just disable cookies on your internet browser! We wouldn’t blame you!

2. Our blog- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Want to comment on our blog?

This website’s database will save the entered name and email address. Your computer’s IP address, and the relevant date and time, will also be saved. Thankfully, none of this information is passed on to anyone. The public will only see your bare name. Although there’s one caveat: if the email’s linked to a Gravatar account, your Gravatar photo will also be displayed.

Until we see fit, your comment will remain on this site. We may either remove the comment, or simply remove the blog post, at our discretion. Want to have the comment deleted? Just email us!

Under 16 years old? Unfortunately, before commenting on our blog, you MUST obtain parental consent .

NOTE: Avoid entering personal details in your comment whenever possible!

3. Contact forms and email links- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Want to contact us?

Use the contact form by jumping on our ‘contact us’ page! However, note that the website will store any data supplied.

From us, your information won’t be received by anyone. Not even third party data processors! Instead, the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) will collate the data into an email. Our SMTP servers are protected by TLS, sometimes known as SSL, Therefore, to encrypt your email content, we have SHA-2, 256-bit cryptography!

Then, across the internet, your data’s sent. After that, the email content’s decrypted!

4. Email newsletter- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Want to join our email newsletter?

Mailchimp will be forwarded your address. They’re a third party data processor, so they bring email marketing services. Don’t worry; the website won’t store your address!

More pertinently, for as long as we use them, your address will remain within a Mailchimp database. However, by all means, request removal from the list!

Unsubscribing will achieve that goal. Use the unsubscribe links contained in our email newsletters. Please specify the account in the mailing list when emailing us to request removal!

Under 16 years old? Unfortunately, before subscribing to our email newsletter, you MUST obtain parental consent .

5. Cookies- ADHD Diagnosis in London

We use two types:

  1. Those needed for the site’s functionality. These don’t collect or hold any personal data.
  2. Google Analytics.

How we store your personal information- ADHD Diagnosis in London

If you comment, some personal information will be stored. Specifically, the data’s stored in a limitation of the WordPress content management system.

Your right to request that your information is deleted- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Commonly called the right to be forgotten. Request something along these lines by emailing admin@adhdconsultancy.co.uk. Give us your name, so we remember who you are!

Our third party data processors- ADHD Diagnosis in London

On our behalf, third parties process some personal data . They’ve all been handpicked rigorously. Therefore, they all carefully comply with the General Data Protection Regulations. Based in the, these third parties are also EU-U.S Privacy Shield compliant. They are:

  1. Google (Privacy policy)
  2. MailChimp (Privacy Policy)

Data breaches- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Don’t worry! We’ll report any unlawful data breach. These could relate to this website’s database, or the databases of any associated third party data processors. If any personal data’s been stolen, expect relevant authorities to be contacted. This will occur within 72 hours of the breach.

Data Controller- ADHD Diagnosis in London

The data controller is ADHD Consultancy.

Changes to our privacy policy- ADHD Diagnosis in London

This policy may sometimes change. If it does, legislation and industry developments will be the main factor. We won’t inform users of these changes. Instead, we recommend that you check this page from time to time. We’ll keep you updated!