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ADHD/ADD Diagnosis

Dr Read offers a  fast, affordable and caring service. While ADHD Consultancy’s main focus is ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment, our comprehensive assessment also looks at other associated or comorbid conditions. Our multiaxial assessment will highlight these, and their impact on your functioning and well-being.

Dr Helen Read is the Lead Consultant for ADHD at a large London NHS Trust. She also has specialist expertise in ADHD, ASD and other neurodevelopmental conditions. Furthermore, Dr. Read is an experienced general adult psychiatrist, with special interests in psychotherapy, women’s mental health and eating disorders. She has lived experience of ADHD/ASD because her adult son has both these conditions.

What we offer

Our comprehensive report will cover the ways in which your ADHD/ASD has affected you across your life.

The report also covers comorbid mental health and other neurodevelopmental issues, which are so often found alongside ADHD/ADD. In addition, it offers a concise formulation that will help you understand your difficulties. Hopefully, we can help you to move forward in your life.

If appropriate, we will prescribe stimulant medication. Going forward, we will also work with you and your GP to offer shared care NHS prescribing. Almost all of our patients have been successful in getting their medication from their GP’s to date.

The report will also detail any reasonable adjustments required for your school, college, university or workplace. Furthermore, we offer a wide range of psychoeducation, coaching style advice, and a folder of material tailored to your needs. This will all be available to take home instantly after the consultation!

Because other neurodevelopmental conditions  commonly occur with ADHD/ADD, ADHD Consultancy will consider an array of reasonable adjustments.

Our vision

ADHD Consultancy aims to provide the most affordable ADHD/ADD diagnosis and treatment service in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the NHS is over-stretched and under-resourced.  Many people face waits of many months, or even years, to be seen by their local service. Assuming that such a local service exists.

Doctors and psychiatrists generally receive little, if any, training in adult ADHD/ADD. As a result, there are many misunderstandings about the different ways that ADHD can present itself in adults and children. People with lifelong difficulties can be refused the diagnosis and treatment they need. Many private practices are prohibitively expensive, so we need to offer an affordable high quality service.

In summary

  • ADHD/ADD Diagnosis in London;
  • Suitable medication if appropriate;
  • Follow-up consultations, which can often be by Facetime or Skype;
  • Education and coaching suggestions;
  • Support around other neurodevelopmental conditions;
  • A library of handouts;
  • A full diagnostic report, including reasonable adjustments for school, university, or work;
  • Shared care with your local GP to help you get the most suitable support;
  • Email advice; and
  • Great links with ADHD coaches.
Helen Read- ADHD Diagnosis in London



Feedback From Clients: Getting an ADHD Diagnosis in London

“I really think the diagnosis and medication allowed me to do the painstaking rewrites and deal with the stress of finishing the thesis without having a breakdown.

And to be able to juggle so many different priorities and huge job security stress now! Thank you so much for picking up the ADHD when I was not a clear cut case.”