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Looking for an ADHD Diagnosis in London?

Moreover, did you know that 4% of the adult population has undiagnosed ADHD?

So, ADHD can cause lifelong:

ADHD Consultancy- ADHD Diagnosis in London

ADHD Consultancy- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Therefore, only when the underlying ADHD is diagnosed and treated can our patients grow and blossom. Getting an ADHD in London and the right treatment can quite literally change your life!

Put simply, ADHD is treatable.  Accordingly, I offer a thorough, affordable and compassionate approach at our London based clinic. But the focus is on accurate diagnosis, medical treatment if appropriate, and education around how to manage your conditions.

Hopefully, with my comprehensive diagnostic report, identifying other neurodevelopmental issues, I‘ll help you finally start to move forward with the right treatment! Of course, the report will also provide recommendations for specifically tailored reasonable adjustments at your school or workplace. 

adhd specialist london

About Dr. Read

So, my name’s Dr. Helen Read. I’ll help you get an ADHD Diagnosis in London. As the Lead Consultant for my NHS Trust’s service, I regularly diagnose and treat people with ADHD and other neurodevelopmental conditions. I know how you might feel with these conditions, because my adult son has ADHD and ASD.

adhd specialist london

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To make the most out of our consultation, it’s essential to have a preliminary understanding of whether you have ADHD.

adhd specialist london

Useful Resources

We’ve compiled a set of useful resources!

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