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Looking for ADHD/ADD Diagnosis?

Did you know that 4% of the adult population has undiagnosed ADHD/ADD?

ADHD/ADD can cause lifelong:

Chronic anxiety/depression…..    Shame…..    Failure to achieve

Emotional problems…..     Friendship/relationship difficulties…..    Listening problems

School/university dropout……  Repeated job losses….   Family problems

Money problems…..     Therapy failure…..   Substance misuse

And so much more……

Only when the underlying ADHD is diagnosed and treated can patients grow and blossom. Getting a diagnosis of ADHD or ADD, and the right treatment, can quite literally change your life!

ADHD and ADD are treatable.  ADHD Consultancy offers a thorough, affordable and compassionate approach at our London based clinic. Our focus is on accurate diagnosis, caring and understanding medical treatment if appropriate, and education around how to understand and manage your difficulties. We have particular expertise in treating rejection sensitivity which so often accompanies these diagnoses

Our comprehensive diagnostic report will be available for you to check on the next working day after your appointment. We aim to identify other neurodevelopmental issues which are often comorbid with ADHD or ADD

ADHD Consultancy’s ultimate goal is to help you finally start to move forward with the right treatment! The report will provide recommendations for specifically tailored reasonable adjustments at your school, college or workplace 

adhd specialist london

About Dr. Read

Dr Helen Read has recently retired as the Lead Consultant for ADHD at a large London NHS Trust.

She has specialist expertise in ADHD, ADD, ASD and other neurodevelopmental conditions.

Dr. Read is a qualified psychotherapist and also an experienced general adult psychiatrist, with special interests in psychotherapy, women’s mental health and eating disorders.

She has lived experience of ADHD/ASD – her adult son has both these conditions

adhd specialist london

Take the Test

Click here to take our online screening test

The test is not a diagnosis, but can help you think about whether your symptoms could indicate ADHD/ADD

Dr Read will review your answers, and email you with her suggestions

Remember that if you are high functioning, you will need to subtract the strategies/helpful habits you use to manage or hide some of the difficulties, including spending a lot longer than most people would do to get things done

High functioning people can often hyperfocus on areas they find very interesting, or just prior to deadlines, and so ideally questions should not be answered about things we hyperfocus on

adhd specialist london


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