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Looking for an ADHD Diagnosis in London?

You might be; 4% of the adult population has undiagnosed ADHD!

ADHD can cause lifelong:

ADHD Consultancy- ADHD Diagnosis in London

ADHD Consultancy- ADHD Diagnosis in London

Only when the underlying ADHD is diagnosed and treated can our patients grow and blossom. Getting an ADHD Diagnosis in London can literally change your life!
ADHD is a very treatable condition.  With our thorough and compassionate approach, we’ll help you finally start being acknowledged and get the right treatment!
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About Dr. Read

I’ve worked as a Consultant Psychiatrist in the NHS for many years.

adhd specialist london

Take the Test

Click here to take our online screening test. To make the most out of our consultations, a preliminary understanding of whether you have ADHD is vital!

adhd specialist london

Useful Resources

We’ve compiled a set of useful resources!

In addition, here are the warning signs…